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Paver Patio & Retaining Wall Virginia Beach

There are so many ways to strengthen the look of your outdoor property. If you’re a Virginia Beach, Virginia resident who is searching for fine professional landscaping assistance, we have excellent news to share with you. Virginia Beach Landscape & Design is a distinguished business that can handle all of your landscaping requests with ease. We can help you take your outdoor space up a notch. If you’ve had it with a lawn that looks dull and neglected, our landscapers can change things in a big way for you.

We specialize in the installation of both retaining walls and patio pavers. Retaining walls, first and foremost, can be terrific for people who are interested in all sorts of benefits. They can introduce dimension to outdoor spaces. They can safeguard land. They can ensure that soil stays in the right spot at all times. They can even keep erosion at bay. If you want retaining walls that can decrease your upkeep needs, our team can help you out.

Patio pavers are one of our other big specialties. Our patio pavers come with all types of perks. They’re highly economical. They’re extremely tough and resilient. Maintaining them tends to be simple and quick. They have natural and attractive appearances as well. They look a lot like natural stone and because of that can flatter all kinds of properties. Note, too, that we provide customers with plentiful exciting choices in patio paver colors. They can help make your outdoor space truly pop visually.

When you need A1 retaining wall and patio paver installation service in Virginia Beach, Virginia, you know exactly which company to contact. Virginia Beach Landscape & Design is a favorite among locals who are in need of blue-chip landscaping services that encompass all categories. Some other convenient and helpful specialties we extend to customers are seasonal cleanup, edging, mulching and even comprehensive landscaping transformations. If you want to give your outdoor space a wonderful overhaul and upgrade, you can count on us. Get in touch with Virginia Beach Landscape & Design today to schedule an appointment for our masterful work.

Paver Patios Virginia Beach

Landscaping services can make all the difference when it comes to the visual appeal of an area. If you’re in the Virginia Beach area, you may have searched for a solid professional landscaping company. With Virginia Beach Landscape & Design, the search is over. The company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia is dedicated to landscape design and hardscapes. The company also specializes in mulching, edging, retaining walls, and paver patios just to name a few.

Virginia Beach Landscape & Design takes pride in their service and aims to be the best landscaping service in Virginia Beach. The company is full of experts working on the most durable paver patios Virginia Beach VA has ever seen. Virginia Beach Landscape & Design will also ensure the paver patio installer Virginia Beach VA receives is of high quality. When it comes to paver patios Virginia Beach VA deserves the best. That is why with their paver patio installer Virginia Beach VA can rest easy knowing the landscaping is in good hands.

With the contractors at Virginia Beach Landscape & Design in control, you can expect an increase in property value. The workers do their jobs with accuracy and proficiency. Everything is done in a timely manner. This is one investment that could last you a lifetime.

Imagine owning a business and bringing in new customers daily thanks to the superb touch up provided by Virginia Beach Landscape & Design. They say a good first impression means everything and landscaping falls right into that claim. Whether it’s improving the area of your residential or commercial property, you’ll be covered.

Retaining Walls Virginia Beach VA

Retaining walls serve a very important function. They are structures that hold back soil on a hillside to keep it from sliding or shifting. Retaining walls are built for both commercial and residential applications.


People who are looking for a retaining wall installer Virginia Beach VA turn to Virginia Beach Landscape & Design. They are landscape designers who are proficient in retaining wall installation. They know the right materials to use and how to build a retaining wall Virginia Beach VA.


The construction process is part of what makes the retaining wall Virginia Beach VA strong enough to withstand the push of the dirt behind it. It needs to be well designed and built by the experts from Virginia Beach Landscape & Design. They can be built to enhance outdoor spaces and as dividers.


There are a variety of materials that can be used for a wall including:

  • Concrete blocks
  • Natural stone
  • Wood
  • Poured concrete
  • Brick
  • Artificial materials

The type of material that is used often depends on the area and the slope. Virginia Beach Landscape & Design are experts in the field and can recommend the best material for the space.


Retaining walls are about both proper construction and aesthetics. Retaining wall installer Virginia Beach VA understand the need for it to look pleasing and perform to the high standards of the area. A good quality retaining wall should enhance the landscaping.

Landscaping Specialists

Virginia Beach Landscape & Design are an all-encompassing company that is dedicated to lawn care. Their work can be seen throughout the entire state of Virginia in the form of landscaping, mulching edging, retaining walls, and patio pavers. They want to make each customers vision become a reality. Now is the time to call Virginia Beach Landscape & Design at (757) 219-2609 or visit their website at virginiabeachlandscapeanddesign.com. They offer free consultations and affordable prices.


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